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No matter what product you sell, the quality of demonstration you provide will determine your success.   We will teach your team  how to effectively demonstrate your product in a manner that will create maximum value to your clients and in turn increase your sales and your profit margins.


It does not matter what the product is.  We will learn the product inside out and backwards, and deliver the most effective product demonstration to your sales team.

Ten Step Demonstration Process

Product Overview

  • Introduction to product
  • Top 3 Features
  • Top 3 Unique features

Brand History

  • Who, Where, When founded
  • Key Milestones
  • Status Today


  • Key Features
  • Advantages to each feature
  • Benefits of each feature
  • Unique features


  • How to use the interface
  • Top commands
  • Shortcuts
  • Tips and tricks


  • Predict
  • Perform
  • Confirm Prediction


  • Placement
  • Arrangement
  • Supporting Items


  • Logical
  • Value Add
  • Required or Suggested


  • how long
  • is it eligible for extended protection
  • present extended protection plans


  • confirm customer's experience
  • confirm customer likes product
  • is there anything you don't like?
  • overcome objections
  • ask for the sale


  • excuse yourself from customer
  • present deal to manager
  • manager closes deal



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