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We train your associates a customized sales process enhances your unique business acumen, and delivers higher closing ratios with higher profit margins.   Our process is proven across several different retail platforms to deliver the results you are looking for from your sales team.


Contact us today to find out how we can help your team achieve new standards of excellence in client engagement.

Attendees to this one day training will receive 24 hours of instruction, a printed manual or a mobile app copy of the training, and a printed certificate of completion.  Cost per person: Up to $500 per participant per day, plus $50 for a printed manual or $100 for a mobile app copy of the training.




  • The $caffeo group bio
  •  Corporate clients
  •  Dealership bio
  •  Purpose of the workshop
  •  What is a pro
  •  Participant introductions
  •  What is your muscle


 Participants shop dealerships

  •  Confidence level 1 to 10
  •  You will be a rockstar
  •  Keys to selling vehicles
  •  Salesperson's main responsibility
  •  Top 10 tips 
  •  Let's shop for vehicle
  •  Shop by phone  Exercise
  •  Shop online  Exercise
  •  Shop text or email  Exercise
  •  Shop in store  Exercise

 Introduction to the process

  •  8 steps 24 principles
  •  Meet and greet
  •  Role play
  •  Qualify
  •  Role play
  •  Negotiation
  •  Role play
  •  PPT
  •  Role play
  •  Questions


 The Process

  •  Recap
  •  Confidence level 1 to 10
  •  Walk around
  •  Hands on role play
  •  Test drive
  •  Hands on role play
  •  Closing
  •  8 basic car sales closing techniques
  •  Reasons to react 
  •  Best practices



  •  Scripted objections templates
  •  Role play
  •  Confidence
  •  Role play

 Best Practices

  •  Keywords and phrases
  • Role play
  • Turnover to F&I
  • Transfer of trust
  • Role play
  • Delivery


  •  Role play
  •  Turn over to management
  •  Questions
  •  Follow up
  •  Pleasantly persistent


 Follow up

  •  Scripted follow-up templates
  •  Follow up 48 hr 3,6,12, month templates
  •  Happy birthday follow-up
  •  Happy anniversary follow-up
  •  Role-play


  •  Sales, lead tracking systems
  •  Sales tracking worksheets
  •  Set your goals
  •  Goal setting worksheets
  •  Role play


 Quiz time

  •  Confidence level 1 to 10
  •  Certificate of achievement
  •  30 day follow-up
  •  10 principles of success
  •  Participant surveys
  •  Smartest guy in the room

The Alberta government currently has a grant program in place that can help companies recoup up to 2/3 of their training investment; for more information, click here:

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